Do You, DO YOU?

When we say, " I'm doing me (meh)!" What exactly does that mean? I've said it before but in reality I know that doing me and me only is impossible because I'm a wife and mother. However, you can do you by loving  the skin you're in. I find myself reading so many of my social media sites and finding women who do not embrace their inner beauty as much as they embrace their outer beauty.
I'm not saying it's wrong to be fit and health conscious but there are more important things going on in life. Or are there?
I was having a conversation the other day with a friend and this subject came up. She shared her perspective with me regarding people who live (so to speak) in gyms and are always worried about their looks... "They have no life"
What's your take? Should being fit and cute take precedence over everything? Is it true that people who dedicate their life to fitness have nothing going for them but their appearance? Is being health conscious important to a certain degree?
I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Vegas Bound

Being a Mom is not my title, it's my #LIFE. Raising productive, well-rounded individuals is something I take great pride in. There are times when being a Mom is difficult; teaching your children life lessons and teaching them how do identify when a situation is a life lesson is sometimes heart-breaking. My baby girl, Haley is one of THEE most dedicated CHEERLEADERS I know. I have watched her grow as my kid and I have watched her perfect her craft that she loves so much. I have also watched my baby lose all her hair and keep her spirit and tenacity. She never gave up, she will never give up. Why? Because she has the best support team EVER! So when my baby arrives in VEGAS on Thursday with her support team in tow, they'll know she's there. My baby is H.E.R.E. for a purpose, for a reason. I had to teach my kid a difficult life lesson this week... It's all good because once she hits that stage, she'll do what she does FIVE days a week- BRING IT! She wakes up a WINNER everyday. Period. #Vegas #Bound #Nationals #GlamourGirlz #Nickies #Kid #Winning

Tick, Tock... Tick, Tock!!!!!

Time waits for no one. If I had a penny for each time I heard that!There are moments when I feel like I'm watching the clock (not literally, of course) and it's passing time much faster than my body can carry me. There are few dull moments in my life and I like to believe that I am good at seizing moments and opportunities.

Feeling like everything had to be done right away and a certain way is what I suffered from in the past as a perfectionist. While I still hold high standards for myself, I have learned, with age, that some things are just not as important as I may "believe" they are and some things can "wait". Yet, the clock keeps ticking... Tick, tock...tick, tock.

With the new year only being 6 days in, I think about promises I have made to myself. Not resolutions, but promises; things I really "want" to do, but not necessarily "need" to do. I believe that's where some make a mistake with resolutions. We have to remember what is important in life and focus on those things; the things that truly bring us joy. The little, BIG things like family, fun, food, life, growth, and well-being. While these encompass a great deal, they are the simple, yet finer things in life.

I'm sitting at a desk in my Hotel Suite reminding myself of the promise to take each day as it comes without the added stress of perfectionism. My workflow will progress as it is supposed to and if it is meant for me to hold a position higher than that of my current situation, I'm going embrace it if it happens, and not be sad if it doesn't.

I promised myself to take more time to put my thoughts in writing. I have so many ideas and thoughts flowing that I should take advantage of sharing them. There are several other promises that I made but those are from me to me.

They are promises I have made, and promises I have every intent to keep. As always, I see myself as a work in progress. Some will love you (me), some will misunderstand you (me). What remains true is that you are you, I am me, and there is no one truer than you and ME! (I love Dr. Seuss)

The bad news is that time flies. The good news is, you're the pilot!

The clock is ticking. What will you do with your time?

What Now?

Its 2014, a new year. I haven't set any resolutions because I don't really see the point. I could say I'm going to do certain things by a certain time but if it's not realistic, what's the point?
So... What's next? Life is next! Life goes on with each changing of the seasons and years; what counts is what YOU choose to do with that time.
I'm always looking for ways to improve myself on both a professional and personal level. Therefore, what I have in store for myself and my family are amazing things and greatness!
There's no time limit on growth!
What's next for you?
By the way... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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