Seeing is Believing...

Do these names ring a "bell"?

This Holiday Season will be buzzing! The aforementioned are all starring in thee best holiday movie this season. While you can read reviews, take a peek on FaceBookTwitter, or any other site of your preference, there's nothing like seeing it for yourself.
You MUST see this movie if you haven't already. This film is very well written; it's relatable. Being married for the last 14 plus years, and in a relationship with my husband for over 16 years has brought with it many life experiences. Some overwhelmingly happy, some sad, some happy, some learning experiences...etc. This movie gives you all that in two hours.

Many of us know these characters from the Prequel, The Best Man. Many of us can relate to these characters because we are very much like them, or we have friends who remind us of them.
 This film had a great mixture of both male and female bonding. It showed black men who possess the ability to express themselves without being aggressive or attacking one another. It showed vulnerability and strength. While there was a cat fight scene, there were also scenes which showed black women bonding and understanding the true meaning of friendship while not being so full of pride that they can't say "I'm sorry."
This movie showed a Sistah-Friend's ability to act out of unselfish love to ensure that her friends, who are pretty much like family, are together during a very difficult time of year. To ensure that old wounds are healed, love is not lost, and severed ties are mended. There are highs and lows throughout this movie. You will hear laughter and chuckling, you will hear oohs, and aaahs, you will hear silence, you may hear a few sniffles, or look out the corner of your eye at you wife, and see her gently wiping away tears.

Hubby and I saw this movie last night during our "Date Night" and we both loved it. If you haven't been to see this movie, "Seeing is Believing"... grab your spouse, your friends, your girlfriends, your boyfriends, your moms, your aunts, your sisters...grab someone (NOT THE KIDS)  and go see it today! You will NOT be disappointed.

Side note: I would love to see this come to television as a weekly show. I'd watch!

Until we chat again...