Love on Top!

Work can be challenging some days and some days it can be so rewarding. Regardless to the type of day I'm having, I love to do it in style! I look forward to waking up and deciding what to wear on a daily basis. I love mixing and matching pieces, wearing something I created in my head, and seeing how "different" my choices turn out.
Then, there are those days I just feel like throwing on a hat and going on about my business. Yesterday was one of those days. While this is a short week for me, I didn't have that "get up and go" excited feeling of a short week. My field visits this week were not as rigid as they usually are, I basically just made support visits so I opted for a sporty look yesterday. I love hats! I own all sorts, but there's nothing like a cute baseball styled hat to add a bit of LOVE ON TOP of my head.
I kinda LOVE Victorias, it's no secret! If you haven't already, check out the PINK APP . There's all sorts of cool stuff you can do on the App like add a bit of Pink flare to your photos!
Isn't Michael Kors a doll for this pink faced watch?!
When you dress down for work, what's your favorite pieces?

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Until we chat again...