A Dash of This, and a Dab of That!

WebMD has great tips regarding 12 remedies for colds

When I'm sick or my kids or hubby are sick, I usually kick into Nurse mode and I pull out the homemade remedies! Over the years, have you found any home remedies which work better than traditional medicine? Or are you an individual who does not believe in modern medicine and you'd rather heal using only natural products and herbs?

One of my favorite home remedies for a cold is: 
hot water
Two cough drops (your favorite flavor)
Cranberry juice 
Boil water in your tea kettle
Place the two cough drops in the bottom of your cup 
Pour hot water on top and allow cough drops to melt (you'll hear them cracking)
Add Cranberry Juice for flavor 
Sip slowly and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite home remedy?
I'd love to hear from you.