Spring Has Sprung!

Living in California all my life, I really haven't experienced seasons changing really. Its nothing I'm disappointed about, I just keep up with the seasons via the closest calendar! However, over the last few years, Spring has definitely become my favorite season. Not only are the colors of Spring beautiful, it also means my two grown children arrive home for the Summer!

This year Prettie arrived first; just in time for Mothers Day. I hugged her so hard and I jumped for joy (literally) when I saw her! Needless to say, we've been inseparable since her arrival!!!
My handsome Preon arrived the day after Mothers Day. I was sad he missed Mothers Day but once I laid eyes on him and hugged him, it made it all better!

Its no secret how much I love my children and I'm so happy to have our home busy and buzzing with all four of them again! God is good and I LOVE my life!!!