When the Going Gets Tough...

Its tough out here! Where is here? California, life, job hunting, educating oneself... its tough period. Nevertheless, when the going gets tough, the tough get going! As you all know, I am a former Preschool teacher of 16 years. Due to the fact that I resigned back in February, I have been in search of a major career change; this has been a difficult task to say the least.

I have a wealth of experience in Early Education, teaching, training, facilitating, and mentoring but... I CAN'T FIND A JOB!!!! (that was my rant for the day!) Seriously, it has been difficult. One of the major obstacles I have encountered is having a Masters degree. Odd? Yes, very odd. I have interviewed for jobs that pay considerably less than what I made as a teacher; when they find out my previous salary, they quickly mention how much less I will be making and...the call of doom arrives or I never hear anything back.

My current dilemma is taking the advice of some to "dummy down" my resume. This is something I am not interested in doing. I received my degrees with hard work, dedication, sacrifice of time with my family, countless hours of research and studying, and no social life. I take pride in my accomplishments and saying I only possess a BS when I possess a MS is unthinkable to me.

Then there's the fact that I lack the actual "experience" a new job may be looking for; they've never met me or worked with with me. Although I could perform many of the jobs I'm applying for with my eyes shut, I have no way of proving that to my new "Boss". The thought of returning to school to attain "another" degree is unsettling for me. We have two children in college and that is very expensive; we have our own student loans plus parent loans. To return to school would just put us more in debt.

Nevertheless...I have to keep GOING! There is a position with my name on it out there. I'm not very religious but God and I have a great relationship. He's always there when I need him and I talk to HIM often; he gives great advice like, "be patient my child", "I have something in mind for you my child". While I'm being patient, I continue to search in faith that one day, my job that's out there waiting on me, will recognize the jewel I am and scoop me up!

Everywhere I Turn... Strawberries!

This past weekend, I packed up my three daughters and myself and we headed to my Sister in Laws' house to meet up with her, her husband, mother in law, two daughters, and our cousin. We caravanned to the Strawberry Festival in Oxnard, CA. I'd never been, but I'd always heard great things about it. We had a pretty good time.

It was very organized. We parked at the Camarillo Outlets  and there were many shuttle buses to take us over to the Festival. The prices are a bit steep on some of the food items: Haley wanted a Hot Dog ($6.00) and a Bottle of Dasani Water ($4.00)... &10.00 for a hot dog and water! But...we had to eat, right? Chicken Strips for Jaedyn without water ($9.00); I think she had four of them.

There was Strawberry everything there! Strawberry Pizza (didn't try that), Strawberry Smoothies, Strawberry wine and beer, Strawberry Shortcake (It was delicious!!!), Strawberry Funnel Cake (Yummy). I also purchased three bags of California Wine Slush (Strawberry Margarita Flavor, Mimosa Flavor, and Lemon Drop Flavor). I'll let you know later how those turned out!

Overall, the trip was really fun just because we spent the time with Family. Next year I think we'll go extra early so we can experience all that the festival has to offer. If you get a chance, visit the Festival next year and be sure to bring lots of Cash! Credit and debit are only accepted at the ticket booth, once you enter the gates, it's cash only!
Of course Aria(my niece) and Haley had to bring their American Girl Dolls (Saige and Arianna)!!!
We LOVE American Girl!!!

Traveling Assistant

Lately, I've been accompanying the Hubster on his local business trips. It allows us to bond on the drives; we talk, laugh, and reminence. He calls me his assistant and I love my new title! Due to the fact that I'm currently not working, it gets me out of the house, takes my mind off my issues, and is stress free... just what the doctor ordered.

My husband is an IT Manager for a great company. This company works closely with various Casinos all over. Today, we are in Bakersfield at a Casino called Golden West Casino. Its small, friendly, and very clean. I've had the opportunity to visit a few others like Lucky Lady and Oceans Eleven. Lucky Lady is very small; it's actually like a small parlor. Oceans Eleven is really nice! It reminds me a bit of Vegas. Those two Casinos are in the San Diego and Oceanside area.

While hubby is working, he may ask me to do a couple things but I usually just sit in the bar area, order appetizers, cranberry and orange juice mixed, and play Candy Crush or read. It also gives me an opportunity to speak with the bartenders and learn a little history about each Casino.

Sometimes we think we know where we're supposed to be in life, but God knows otherwise. He wants me exactly where he wants me and right now its with my family, with my husband as his Traveling Assistant. When this job has run its course, and HE is ready for me to move on, HE will let me know. Until then, I'm so content.

Spring Has Sprung!

Living in California all my life, I really haven't experienced seasons changing really. Its nothing I'm disappointed about, I just keep up with the seasons via the closest calendar! However, over the last few years, Spring has definitely become my favorite season. Not only are the colors of Spring beautiful, it also means my two grown children arrive home for the Summer!

This year Prettie arrived first; just in time for Mothers Day. I hugged her so hard and I jumped for joy (literally) when I saw her! Needless to say, we've been inseparable since her arrival!!!
My handsome Preon arrived the day after Mothers Day. I was sad he missed Mothers Day but once I laid eyes on him and hugged him, it made it all better!

Its no secret how much I love my children and I'm so happy to have our home busy and buzzing with all four of them again! God is good and I LOVE my life!!!

Hurry Up! and WAIT!

I LOVE my Beetle!
Volkswagens are pretty good cars overall, however, when they have an issue you will know about it! Those lights on the panel come on and they don't go off until you give your baby the TLC he or she needs. My baby's (Beetle) name is QT. My youngest daughter chose that name because she said I always have cute "stuff" everywhere in my car. I thought the name was very fitting so there you have it....
This morning I'm sitting at Carmax in Torrance waiting to hear the verdict. The staff here are amazing! I've really only had one MAJOR issue with them over the years...it has since been corrected. My favorite employees here are Roger and Kristin; they take excellent care of QT which is very important to me. QT is responsible for getting me and my Precious Cargo (my maternal babies) where we need to be... we have MANY places to be!
Hopefully QT isn't too sick and she come home today. Nevertheless, I woke up, hurried to get here by 8am to wait! No worries... I'm prepared with my backpack full of electronics (Kindle, iPod, Video Camera, Cell, and mints), my feet are up, and I have every bit of confidence Carmax will take excellent care of my BIG BABY!