Amid the Chaos...

Even though there has been CHAOS, we still managed to keep on moving because that's what we do in the Evans household! LOL.
I thought I'd share a few pics with you all. Oh...Also, the lil ones started school on the 13th and 14th...

  • Friday night, Haley and I attended the Mindless Behavior Concert at the Nokia Center
  •  Saturday we took Prettie back to ASU
  • Sunday night we returned and went to bed
  • because I re-injured my back somehow
  • Monday...Cheer and Basketball practice (I do Cheer and Hubby does BBall)
  • Tuesday...Sparks game. JJ and Haley went on the court to meet the players and get signed balls. We sat directly in front of the USA Olympics Water Polo Team with Gold Medals in hand!
  • Wednesday...Cheer
  • Thursday...Scrimmage Game (Haley Cheering)
  • Friday and Saturday...New Carpet
Haley with the Water Polo Team

JJ is in an OFFICIAL 7th Grader now

Haley is an OFFICIAL 3rd Grader now

Headed to the concert...

Tickets in hand...

Saw some friends at the concert. I've never heard so many screaming girls!

JJ getting her ball on the court

JJ and her teammates

And what have you all been up to?