Purple Leopard Birthday Bliss!

I love the color Purple and the print of leopard. Maybe love is a strong word to use, but I do own a nice amount of Purple and Leopard!
It seemed that upon my return from TN, I hit the ground running and I haven't stopped yet. I sat in a parent meeting last night (regarding Basketball and the upcoming season) until past 10pm! Nevertheless, in all my usual haste, I managed to enjoy my birthday (July 12th) and the Hubs birthday (July 14th). I know...it was fate that brought us together!
This post is a little picture heavy as most of my posts are! I absolutely love the camera as it catches great memories. I hope you enjoy. Just for the record, I have some of the most amazing people in my life! From my wonderful husband, to my amazing kids, to my circles of friends near and far, and my amazing Sistahs in my Blogger group BLM I am truly blessed and I'm still celebrating my birthday...Jazz Fest West this weekend!
Thursday, July 12th Hubby and I went to dinner at the Boiling Crab.
Delicious. Period. #ThatIsAll
 Since I had to work on my birthday, I asked my co-worker to snap a few shots! We hd a lil fun while the kids were outdoors...
 Let me just say I love this hat! #BestInvestment
 *Clears Throat* Check out my watch!
I picked up this blouse at Thick-Chic-Boutique
From my co-workers
My gift from hubby and our two (working) college student children. I was all smiles. One less item on my Wish List!
I wanted to do something spontaneous on my birthday...
My 19 year old and I opted for matching tattoos (Infinity Hearts because our love is never ending)
Friday, the 13th, I celebrated with a few of my close friends (very small)
We had chinese food, wine and spirits, cards, and an amazing time in each other's company. Cake and cupcakes made by Sanica of PoohysPlace 
My friend Desia did my makeup Friday evening. Earrings  mimiboutique
Saturday, the 14th, I took my "Boyfriend" out for lunch after our parental duties (7th Grade Orientation and Cheer Dues at the Park)
The Cheesecake Factory in the Marina offered an amazing view as we enjoyed lunch and one another's company.

That afternoon we enjoyed more friends and dominoes. We ended the night playing Poker (Hubby's game of choice) at Commerce Casino. What a HUGE Poker Room they have!!!

There's more... but that's all I'm sharing! We had an amazing Weekend!!!!!!!

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