It's Almost Time...

It seemed like I had so much time on my hands until JJ and I left for TN, now it's five days away!!!
I feel so panicked because my students are also culminating this Friday and I have to give that my undivided attention. The theme I chose this year is, "College Begins in Preschool". Myself, my assistants, some parents, and my students are all wearing college themed t-shirts, jeans, and tennis shoes. I want to instill in my students and their parents that college is so vital and it's never too early to start planning.
This post is very short because I need to finish editing my slideshow presentation I'm creating for the parents of their children. Wis me luck with pulling this off and packing for TN. I'm in Super Mom mode for real!


This past weekend was eventful; all weekends seem to be eventful for me since I've mastered squeezing everything into one weekend week after week! Saturday, my friend Jammie celebrated her 42nd birthday with lots of friends...friends he didn't know would be at her party. How is tho possible? Her wonderful sister Michelle planned a fabulous surprise birthday party in her honor. Jammie is a die hard NE (New Edition) fan...I mean really die hard!
We all wore matching t-shirts (compliments of Michelle) with jeans and heels. Jammie was genuinely surprised. What made this year's celebration so special is that Jammie recently lost her father...then...on her birthday last year, she lost her Grandpa. Michelle and all of us wanted this year to be special for Jammie so...
 Jammie, her mom, and her sister Michelle
 Me, Michelle D., Andrea, Kysha, and Nakitta
with our personalized wine glasses from our gift bags
 All the ladies...
 The cake and lollipop cakes
 The gift bag
 The contents of the gift bag
 Personalized wine glasses
Once a Candy Girl, Always a Candy Girl...NE

What a great time we had!

Father's Day

I have an amazing husband who is known (by me and our children) as the World's Greatest Dad (in our world). We had a very laid back Father's Day spending some quality time with one another and the two youngest children; the eldest two were working. We decided to go out for an early dinner to a new spot the hubby has been wanting to try Killer Shrimp It was delicious!!! The food was great, the atmosphere was nice as well; we vowed to return. If you visit, make sure you order the Lobster Mac N' Cheese and Mimi Crab Cakes for appetizers...they're both so good!!! Since it was hubby's day, I treated! LOL
Ed is such an amazing Dad to our children. He's always there for them and he supports them no matter what. I hope everyone enjoyed Father's Day with an awesome Dad like we did!
Daddy with Jaedyn and Haley (those are not prescribed glasses)
Hubby and I ordered the "Original Killer Shrimp"x2 (he added rice to his)
They gave us bread to go with both orders
Jaedyn had Chicken Quesidilla
Haley had fried shrimp and fries (kids menu)
The Hubster and I after dinner 
 My arm and finger candy!
Leopard flats (Target) to add a little spice to my outfit 
I love my Leopard purse necklace(Forever 21)

I had the "Shrimp Killa"
Hubby had the "Rum Runner"

I'm a Fashionista! (In My Head)

I love dressing up sometimes and putting on make-up. Even if I have on a pair of jeans and tee, I'm content if I look cute! My friend Leslie of FashionduJour gives me inspiration and so does my friend Tiffany of LacenLeopard. With that being said, today's post is inspired by my lovely ladies of BLM They give me such a wealth of knowledge on Fashion and I'm slowly stepping into the fashion world.
In my opinion, it's important for a MOMMY to feel and look good about herself. I mean, if you (we) don't take care of your/ourselves, how can we take care of our families?

Check out my cute outfit I wore to my Nephew's Culmination today...
I LOVE my Betsy Johnson Watch!

I love my Harvey Bag It's my "Go-To" Bag
I found these cute earrings at Burlington for 4.99
I decided to layer a couple of my Lia Sophia Necklaces
Trying a cute pose
I love these wedges. I found them on clearance at Target for 14.99
Bangle and ring from Ashley Stewart 
(Note to self: change hand position next time so it doesn't look wrinkled LOL)

What do you think? Dis I pull off a cute look?

Summer is Around the Corner

Now that school is coming to a close, there are lots of parents wondering what to do with their children for the summer. Here in California, students will return to school on August 14th this year which means less time for fun! LAUSD has a new program for the summer; click HERE to check it out. It makes summer learning fun; all sorts of activities and scavenger hunts for you and the kiddos to participate in.

Also, don't forget to check out your local Parks and Recreation for Summer Camps.

My children enjoy visiting the Calif Science Center there are so many fun activities to do there. Your children may enjoy that as well.

The Los Angeles Public Libraries are also having the 2012 Summer Reading Club beginning June 11-August 11

Whatever you decide to do with your children, make sure you make it fun! Summer is a time for traveling, enjoying family, staying up late, eating ice cream, and staying cool. You want to enjoy all these things with your children just as I do. However, don't forget to include educational activities as well. It's a great way to keep things "fresh" in their memory banks to ensure they approach the coming school year ready!

Happy Adventures and Happy Learning!!!!

And Then There Were... 7!

As a mom, I have had to make one adjustment in my life in the last couple of years. I had my two eldest children leave for college one right behind the other. The dynamics of the home changed a great deal. I was always accustomed to the arguments, the footsteps, the laughter, and the ups and downs of four children. That changed when Preon and Prettie left for college leaving Jaedyn and Haley as the last two standing! LOL. Nevertheless, hubby and I are adjusting.
The two older kids are home for the summer so the home is more alive and busier, just the way I LOVE it! Lots of great things happened for the two older kids while they were away at school. Preon finished with a 3.0 and Prettie finished with a 3.7. I could complain about the GPAs, but I won't! Also, Preon recently began dating a young lady; no, I mean REALLY dating. It's serious. I've never ten one hang around this long before! Which brings me to... now there are 7 of us! When you see HIM, you see HER. I honestly think its the mot adorable thing to see my son really fall head over heels for a young lady. She's a great gal; really has her head on straight and she's easy on the eyes as well. I knew this day would come: My son loves another woman more than he loves his mother and I'm okay with that. As long as my son is happy and healthy, I'm happy!
Prettie and I affectionately tease him about never wanting her to leave his side, but we think they're adorable. Jaedyn likes her as well, which is a BIG deal! Jaedyn doesn't like "everybody". Haley adores her; she's a bit more easy going than JJ (Jaedyn) Prettie says for now, her heart still belongs to her Daddy. She' in no rush to date; she's 19. I swear God hand picked my kids for me. I think they're the best things since sliced bread! They are why I breathe.
I know your time is precious and valuable and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...

It's Never Too Early...

My favorite mantra is: "You are your child's first teacher". This is absolutely the Truth.Org! It's never too early to teach your children hygiene manners; usage of the powder room and the restroom is key in growth and development. As a preschool teacher, I supervise students' use of the restroom daily. Although we are required to stand guard (so to speak) while they use the restroom, I believe in giving students their privacy so I have a tendency to back up and only peek in to remind them of completing the necessary tasks at hand. There are occasions when little boys want to share a urinal to see who can finish first, or little girls like playing in the soap by making bubbles and they love looking in the mirror at themselves.
However, while standing there today, a thought hit me: lots of women complain that they have an issue with a man who uses the restroom with the door open. Well, it starts at a young age right? I mean, my male students are subjected to using a restroom with no closed doors; they are under observation every time they visit the restroom. This brings me to a dilemma I am often faced with: what do we do when there are rules for school and rules for home? Because they are sharing the restroom with classmates, we have to monitor them and their behavior to ensure the environment is safe.
Therefore, it is imperative that parents have meaningful discussions with their children regarding restroom etiquette. For example:
1. Keep your hands to yourself
2. Respect the privacy of others(try not to look) which is difficult at this age because they are curious by nature but it's okay to introduce this language
3. Do not allow someone to touch you in a "bad" way
4. Remember to clean themselves and flush the toilet
5. Wash hands with soap; sing "Happy Birthday to You" at least once to ensure that they have washed all germs away
6. Dry hands and use paper towel to turn off the water

Depending upon the dynamics and culture of your household, you can remind your children that while at school privacy may be an issue but while at home, keeping the door closed (maybe cracked) is acceptable. Some habits are difficult to break. I mean, as kids, we are monitored in the restroom because there are some serious mishaps waiting to happen in there. As adults, we have to learn to adjust to the freedom of choosing to close the door or leave it open.
Whatever the case may be, we want to ensure that our children are aware of the importance of good hygiene!
I know your time is precious, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...