Parenting Gone Wild...or NOT

Lately, in the news, there is a great deal of fuss occurring regarding renowned author ReShonda Tate- Billingsley who punished her 12 year old daughter for her post on Facebook and Instagram. You can see the story HERE
The question is: did this mother go too far by making her daughter post this sign?
I'd like to know from you, the readers, what you believe is too Wild of an idea when it comes to disciplining your children? Is there a limit? If we hold our children accountable for their actions, are we being too hard on them?
I've heard mixed opinions regarding this story. In a world of technology, we are raising tech savvy children who have a great deal of exposure to many things that children did not have a mere 10 years ago. How do we filter the amount of "stuff" our children see? Are we doing enough to ensure that they understand the importance of the "harms" the world wide web can cause?
As parents, we can't be everywhere with our children, we can't see everything they do. However, when we do see with our own eyes, what they are doing and it involves questionable behavior, how should we respond?
It is my belief that children who abuse their privileges and are disrespectful to themselves and their family, should be made aware of the consequences. I am the mother of a 12 year old young lady and I am constantly reminding her of the importance of not giving in to peer pressure and making wise decisions.
It may be difficult for children to understand the consequences of their actions at that moment, but it will be more difficult for them to function properly in society as individuals who are not accountable for their actions.
What are your thoughts?