Spring Break Day 2 With My Girls and...

Today was really fun for us! We had a picnic at Farnsworth Park in Pasadena with...
My Sissy (Sister) Nye and her four children: Tyrikk, Madysonn, Kaiydenn, and Cheyennee 

When we first arrived, the children played with one another; they were so excited to see one another because they haven't seen one another in about a month. They played tag, they played on the swings, they played basketball and enjoyed one another's company. My Sis and I had a chance to catch up on everything that has been going on in our lives and of course we caught up on a bit of "gossip" as well. I really enjoy the company of my sister Nye. We have an amazing story I'll have to blog about one day (soon). Its like we're twins; we're so compatible and she makes me laugh every time we talk or see one another and vice versa.
The highlight of my day was watching our children enjoy one another's company. There's nothing like family! Although our schedules are very busy, and we don't see one another often, we make sure we try to get together so the kids can know their cousins and have that bonding experience. They really enjoyed themselves.

More swinging

"Catching up"



Taking a break


Acting "Goofy Scared" (in the words of the kids)

We are really enjoying our Spring Break so far! and to think... its only Day 2! If everything goes according to plan, tomorrow will be just as fun, if not more.
I know your time is precious and valuable, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...
*Thanks Sis for allowing me to share you and your family on my blog. I love you all!!!

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