I'm Not Your Friend, I'm Your Mother...

(I'm venting a little bit today)
Most young girls today need a friend; mother's can be friends. For some, the old adage of "I'm not your friend, I'm your mother" is ingrained in their heads and they honestly don't know how to be a friend and a mother. What is a friend? A friend is "a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations." 
Consider that for a minute: a bond of mutual affection; family relations. Sounds like a mother and daughter to me. Being a mother of three young ladies, I understand how important this "bond" and "family relation" are. It has always been important for me to have a meaningful and productive relationship with my children. Knowing how to approach this type of relationship is where it becomes "foggy" for some.
Without going into detail, I have been experiencing a very uncomfortable situation with my 12 year old daughter and a few young ladies at her campus. It was made clear to me that the staff at her school lacked the knowledge of handling this situation due to the level of escalation it reached. To make a long story short, it became clear and evident to me why these young ladies behaved as they did. You'll learn a great deal about an individual after you meet them and speak with them; like the saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" type of learning.
For me, being a mother is something I take GREAT pride in; to know me, is to know this. Being a friend to my children as well as their mother is something I have found great comfort in. When I meet a mother and daughter (like I recently did) and I don't see a certain "bond"and communication is absent (as in, you're not aware of what is going on with your child) it makes my heart sad for that child. If this mother has no issue being disrespectful to MY child, it makes me wonder what occurs behind closed doors in their home.
I've been dealing with this situation since August 2011 and it is a shame how our young girls are not being parented. Anyone can be a mother or father; it takes a special individual to be a parent. Does that make sense? I'll say it again, anyone can be a mother or father; it takes a special individual to be a parent. Being a mom or dad could simply mean providing the basics and hoping the child survives in between. Being a parent involves providing basic needs and beyond, being and staying involved in every aspect of their lives no matter how time consuming it becomes, earning the trust of your child/ren so that they know they have a friend in you if not in anyone else; caring, communicating, nurturing, motivating, encouraging...I could go on and on.
I am only one person and I know I can't change the world. I am aware that everyone is cut from a different cloth, come from different backgrounds, social classes, etc. However, the time is NOW to realize what is going on with our young girls out here. When young girls are rude, mean, disrespectful, and they bully others to make themselves feel better, these are warning signs that they are not being parented. We have a tendency to sometimes feel no mercy for that "bad kid" because we believe that kid should know better. Newsflash...that child does not know better. Children are born as a blank slate, "tabla rasa". These behaviors are learned. Who are our children's FIRST teachers? Mom and Dad.
If you're the mother of a young lady or you have two or more young ladies, don't just be their "Mom", be their "PARENT". Young ladies need us to set an example for them. They are, after all, our future. You know that co-worker you just can't stand because she seems to have no training or etiquette? Well...that may very well be one of our daughters if we don't parent them.

I know your time is precious and valuable, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again..

Easter Egg Hunt

Jaedyn feels that she is "too old" for Easter Egg Hunts now that she's 12! Therefore, Haley, Daddy, and I attended our first Easter Egg Hunt without JJ. As usual, Haley had a ball.
This is such a neat idea. The kids enjoyed "writing on the wall"

Haley and a few other "Egg Hunters"

Haley found eggs!

There were sack races too!

Go Haley, Go!!!

D.I.V.A.S. Brunch

This past weekend, I attended my monthly brunch with the D.I.V.A.S. (Divine Inspirational Vibrant Assortment of lovely ladies from various backgrounds and careers). I truly look forward to these Sunday brunches with such wonderful ladies. We laugh, talk, network, and enjoy one another's company. I wasn't quite sure what to wear as the theme for this month  was "Spring Fling"; I knew it should be something colorful and "Spring-ish" (if that's a word!)
Thanks to my new friend, Tiffany of Lace N' Leopard I decided on this ensemble:
Dress: Target 
Shoes: Target

Thought I would have a little fun posing! I love this color.

The D.I.V.A.S.

Me and My bestie, Nakitta. Tiffany suggested gold jewelry and I even did my own make-up!

Spring Break Day 5 With My Girls and Daddy

Today is the final day of Spring Break. It has been an eventful week indeed! We had lots of fun. Today, Daddy joined us on our outing to The Santa Monica Pier. It was very crowded there today; the nice weather brought out all the beach lovers! There were lots of people entertaining on the Pier, Hello Kitty was there as well. The first ride we went on was the Roller Coaster. I kept laughing uncontrollably because my tummy was getting tickled by the small dips. Jaedyn said, "Mommy why are you laughing so hard?!!" Jaedyn was my ride partner for the day and Haley had Daddy as her ride partner for the day. We rode on several rides, we had lunch, and enjoyed ourselves. I'm really sad this week has come to a close; I wish I had this much time more often with the girls. I'm glad I took vacation this week instead of sending them to camp. I saved a lot of money staying home with them and we spent quality time together which is priceless.
The Santa Monica Pier
LOTS of people had the same idea we had...
 Hello Kitty came out today! *smile*

Jaedyn and Haley...

We found a seagull taking a break

Our first ride of the day. I couldn't stop laughing ...

The view from the Ferris Wheel
Mommy and Daddy

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Spring Break Day 4 With My Girls

Day 4 of Spring Break was spent relaxing for the first half of the day. I made a hair appointment for myself on this day because Ed took Thursday -Monday off to be with us a bit. He and the girls stayed home while I went for my hair appointment. My hairdresser and I are also close friends so we caught up over some Mimosas before we started and I enjoyed some serious "girl time" with her. Afterwards, she did what she does best...Make me look simply Fabulous!!!
Later on, Daddy took Jaedyn to tutoring because she's preparing for testing at school and we want her more than ready; I had a killer headache so I rested for a few hours.
Later that night, the girls and I made Gak. We visited the Science Center the day before so we discussed some of the things at the Science Center then, we discussed becoming "Scientists" ourselves! LOL. I thought that making Gak would be a great way to culminate the visit to the Science Center. It was a really fun activity. They enjoyed it so much that they made two batches and they want to make more. I have lots of ideas that I want to share with them; we did things like this when all four were younger and I need to get back in the habit of doing activities at home when we're not so busy.
Daddy took pictures and a video for us...
Check out the video on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9-lUeNM928&feature=autoshare
Here are some pics
You'll need glue, cold water, hot water, Borax, food coloring, wooden craft stricks, measuring cup and spoons, a large plastic bowl and a wonderful imagination!

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Haley became very creative with her Gak


Spring Break Day 3 With My Girls

On Wednesday, I took the girls to the California Science Center with...
My Mom

We haven't visited the Science Center in years and I thought it would be a great idea to take them. I asked my Mom to come along with us because I try to spend as much time as possible with her; it's good for the girls to spend time with their grandmother as well. Haley is no fan of the sun! LOL.
We visited many exhibits in the center and the girls had fun. We purchased tickets to the IMAX theatre because we wanted to see the movie "Born to be Wild". After waiting 45 minutes, the movie was cancelled due to technical difficulties. We were disappointed, but there is a new Cleopatra exhibit coming May 23rd and there's an IMAX movie entitled Mysteries of Egypt; we're going to visit the exhibit and see the movie.
Overall, it was a nice day. We did lots of walking, talking, and learning. We saw Tess, the mechanical lady, took a walk through the Rose Garden, took a break at McDonald's, and enjoyed ourselves!
I love it that Haley is such a "Kid" She's in no hurry to grow up

Haley building

Jaedyn and Haley trying to see how many "pumps" it takes to get a Giraffe's blood pressure going

TESS the mechanical lady. This has been my favorite part of the Science center since...FOREVER!

I love that Tess has her toes polished. Haley: "Mommy, you HAVE to take a picture of her toes!"

Her arm moves as well as her finger to turn off the light!

I'm glad we spent time with my Mom as well.

Me and my girls. Haley does not like the sun!

The girls were a bit bored in the Rose Garden...

but...my Mom loves Roses so we spent some time in the Garden enjoying the Roses

You can't visit the Science Center without enjoying the Roses! My Mom planted Roses at home all the time when we were younger and she still does!

Break Time...

Thankful for a positive relationship with my Mom.

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Spring Break Day 2 With My Girls and...

Today was really fun for us! We had a picnic at Farnsworth Park in Pasadena with...
My Sissy (Sister) Nye and her four children: Tyrikk, Madysonn, Kaiydenn, and Cheyennee 

When we first arrived, the children played with one another; they were so excited to see one another because they haven't seen one another in about a month. They played tag, they played on the swings, they played basketball and enjoyed one another's company. My Sis and I had a chance to catch up on everything that has been going on in our lives and of course we caught up on a bit of "gossip" as well. I really enjoy the company of my sister Nye. We have an amazing story I'll have to blog about one day (soon). Its like we're twins; we're so compatible and she makes me laugh every time we talk or see one another and vice versa.
The highlight of my day was watching our children enjoy one another's company. There's nothing like family! Although our schedules are very busy, and we don't see one another often, we make sure we try to get together so the kids can know their cousins and have that bonding experience. They really enjoyed themselves.

More swinging

"Catching up"



Taking a break


Acting "Goofy Scared" (in the words of the kids)

We are really enjoying our Spring Break so far! and to think... its only Day 2! If everything goes according to plan, tomorrow will be just as fun, if not more.
I know your time is precious and valuable, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...
*Thanks Sis for allowing me to share you and your family on my blog. I love you all!!!

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