The Birthday Outfit...

After CAREFUL consideration, Haley decided upon a Birthday outfit for the day. She wanted to repeat the birthday outfit from last year, but I told her that's not a good idea since she outgrew the clothes (except the TUTU). After Gymnastics Practice, she came home and picked out three different outfits and asked for my opinion. Finally she chose this outfit:
She calls these her "Shake it' Up" Pants
Top and Pants(Target)

These are the "Shake it' Up" shoes (Payless Shoes)

Haley loves her clothes!!!

Haley's outfit last year...


I'm a Little Late, But...

This is why I will miss Haley's "yester years"
Happy St. Patrick's Day

No Pain, No Gain. Period.

JJ (the 12 year old) has recently joined a new team. She still plays with GBL, but she plays with the 6th grade team now (she originally started with the 7th grade team). JJ was not sure about switching teams, but after three weeks, she has settled right in. On Saturday, she scored 4 points, had a few steals and some rebounds. Sunday, she scored 11 points, had 7 rebounds and several assists. I am enjoying watching her grow as a player. She's doing very well in school and on a personal note, her attitude has improved overall. She can't wait to go to TN in July for Nationals.
Tonight, after practice, I rubbed JJ down to massage her leg muscles; she was a bit sore after pain, no gain! LOL
Haley is so excited that Cheer season is approaching; she's more excited that she will actually be cheering after having an entire season off! Last night, she did a back flip all by herself for the first time in a while at Gymnastics. She was so excited! Haley is also excited because she's turning 8 in two days; she wants cupcakes at school so cupcakes she will have!
I'm looking forward to next week. They're both on Spring Break and I requested Vacation for the week so we can spend it together doing different things. We definitely want to visit the Museum of Science, go to Santa Monica Pier and catch a good movie! Next week should be interesting.
Overall, my Mommy Heart is so pleased right now. The little ones are flourishing.
I know your time is valuable and precious, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...

Haley the Gymnast...

No gain!

Stay Focused

It is so easy to lose focus of what you intended for your purpose. Starting this blog was something I wanted to do but I have found it very difficult with time constraints. Making sure I am there for the kids for homework, love, time, attention, support, and extras is essential to a positive family life. Nevertheless, I have to find a way to make this work for myself. This is something I wanted to do, I set out to do it, therefore, I need to create a space in my busy schedule for it. I have a friend who is a great Blogger and I have sought some advice from her regarding my need to make this work. As soon as she gets back to me regarding my options, I plan to make the necessary changes. I have considered joining a different blogging site so that I am able to stay connected "on the go" via mobile phone so that my ideas are easily accessible. Regardless to what occurs, I plan to stay my course and "finish what I started". My children are watching me; although two are in college and are almost certain of their paths, it is still important to me that they see me stay focused and stay on course.
I'm sure some of you mothers out there have experienced some sort of task you decided to complete but fell off a bit along the way. The most important thing is that we come back to it and pick up where we left off. It may take a bit of juggling but I am determined to see this through.
I know your time is precious and valuable, and I thank you for sharing with me. Until we chat again...
They're growing right before my eyes!

Soon, I'll have a couple of College Grads!

The Speed of Life

I haven't blogged since Feb 13th! How awful. Things are moving at the "Speed of Life"! Jaedyn is playing ball every weekend and Haley has began preparing for another season of Cheer. There is hardly any time to do anything other than work and be a Mom; sometimes things get crazy like that but I have to keep moving. I'm considering switching my Blog to a new Blog site so that I am able to keep up via my mobile.
On another note, our children are growing so fast. Preon turned 20 in Feb. Jaedyn just turned 12 on the 12th, Haley is turning 8 on the 29th (in a few days) and Prettie will be 19 in April!!! I love watching them grow, mature, and become young adults; its also bittersweet because I wish I could just freeze times.
The joys of motherhood, right?! Fortunately, I have my mom to help keep me grounded when I need it sometimes.
I have missed blogging and I hope to find a solution soon. I know your time is precious and valuable, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...
Haley is turning 8!

My eldest, Preon just turned 20 and Prettie will be 19 in April

Me, Jaedyn (just turned 12) and my Mommy! I'm so blessed.
My rock! My foundation...Hubby.