Never Too Old to Learn

In my last post, I spoke of a learning process with my daughter Jaedyn. The learning process continues for me. I am learning to be patient and hear God when he is sending me these messages after I pray to him for guidance. Sometimes, the very things or accomplishments we seek are not meant for us. I keep trying to open doors that God has closed ( SIX times to be exact, I have tried to open them). HE keeps telling me "NO" in a nice way and putting signs in front of me to go in another direction. Tonight, I listened and learned. I have set things in motion to head in that direction that God is telling me to go. HE is good and trustworthy and honest and HE never fails me. I am learning to lean not on my own understanding, but HIS will.
As I pray again tonight, I will ask him to guide my footsteps and control my tongue and help my mind to stay focused. If I stay ready, I don't have to get ready. Amen.

It's a Learning Process for Us

Jaedyn is our 11 year old who plays basketball; she's really, really good and she loves playing. She's been with about three teams in the last year because she's so good and we've been trying to find a team that will challenge her to move on to the next level. Jaedyn was accustomed to playing with teams where she was the star and the tallest. Until NOW... she plays with GBL and she is not the best on her team. This is good because it presents a challenge for her, however, not a welcomed challenge by her. She does not start, but she plays and she contributes to the team and she is learning the "fundamentals" of Basketball like never before.
As her mother, it is hard to watch her sit on the bench and warm it for more than 20 minutes at a time because she has always started in every game she has ever played since she was 8 years old. It is very humbling for her and me. We are both seeing that there is so much so talent out there and where she needs to be if she wants to run with the "big dogs"! Although she is playing with 7th and 8th graders ( she is 6th grade) she is holding her ground and she is improving everyday.
She and the Lady Rebels played in a Martin Luther King Tournament this past weekend and today and they placed first! Jaedyn was a part of that success and I am seeing growth in her as a player and a person and for that I am grateful. God continues to bless us and our efforts. Congrats JJ and Lady Rebels!!!

CHEERS!!!! To New Beginnings

Although today is the 9th day of 2012, it feels like the year is just beginning for me. As a parent, I feel a sense of accomplishment because I have two college students who are off to a great start. Not only are they off to a great start, but I'm not suffering from separation anxiety! There is a calm over me to know that they are together. Although Prettie did not want to attend school with Preon (she compared it to being in High School again and being Preon's lil sister), God had other plans for them and I'm alright with it.
I interviewed for a teaching position at two different locations (closer to home) and did very well.  Both administrators really liked me; I chose a location and I started today. Change can be difficult sometimes, but often necessary. I also applied for a Principal position (I would be responsible for two Centers) and I am praying that I get it. It's a new year, with many new beginnings for me and my family. I feel a sense of... worry, I guess is the word, about whether or not I will get the Principal job, but I have to know God is in control. As parents, we want the best for our children, and being able to provide for their needs and wants is something that I, as a parent, often consider. With two in college and no scholarships, it can be very expensive; to hold a position (of this magnitude) after two years of pursuing and attaining my Master's Degree, would absolutely be a blessing for our family.'s to new beginnings! Blessings to you all and may we all have a blessed and prosperous NEW YEAR!

I know your time is precious and valuable, and I thank you for sharing it with me. Until we chat again...